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jack-in-the-box in pleasant hill. the man tried to rob the restaurant but ended up holding two employees at knife point, he later surrendered and was taken into custody. >> now the latest developments in the search for christopher dorner. searchers are focusing on big bear just east of los angeles. today new video dorner has surfaced. the surveillance video was shot on monday outside an auto parts store in san diego county. it appears to show him tossing something into a dumpster. the store manager says he found a military belt and a gun magazine full of bullets. the video was taken the same day the bodies of two people were found in a parking lot in irvine. as dorner continues to elude authorities, people in los angeles are on edge. >> where is he right now? >> i can't live day-to-day being scared. >> i think he's long gone.
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>> ama: dorner is accused of a number of shooting that left three people dead, including a police officer. in an online manifesto, police say he wrote he depicts himself as a black man wronged whose badge was unjustly taken by racist college -- colleagues. >> the family of a missing sacramento man continues their such for him. jason ciels was last seen in sonoma county last saturday. witnesses say they saw him naked and chanting in the park. police suspended the search for him on thursday but the family says they will not give up until he is found. an alarming spike in the number of rapes reported in berkeley last year has city officials asking. why there were 39 rapes reported in berkfully 201. the most in the last five years. up 95% from 2011. the jump in numbers may not
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indicate more crimes but better support for victims leading to a higher rate of reporting assaults. many cases involve students at uc berkeley. >> we're very concerned because it looks like the vast majority of the sexual assaults are commit by acquaintances, a former dating relationships and this is quite concerning to us. we also see the role that alcohol has in many of these reported assaults. >> police say the majority of attacks happened offcampus at parties in the surrounding neighborhoods where an estimated 35,000 students live. >> residents in oakland are saying enough is enough and want something done about escalating crime in the city. lisa amin gulezian is live in oakland where hundreds of people came together looking for solutions. lisa? >> lisa: that is very true. right now happening is -- it's called a salon solution, and there are people inside of this middle school in east oakland
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and they're talking bat lot of things. they're gathering to try to new strategy to combat violence that involves creating a stress-free, violence-free community. people of different parts of oakland are here talk can about what it's like to live here. last year there were 131 homicides in oakland and so far this year there have been eight. organizers want young people to figure out a knew way to deal with anger and frustration because far too many lash out in a violent way. >> i think oakland really needs young people to be trained and the basic human values of life and have very clear and specific strategies for how to address the stress in their lives. >> meditation is what another group here today is also stressing. as a way to manage problems. those here broke out into smaller groups and talked about ways they feel oakland needs to change. back here live now. it is know noh coincidence this
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event is taking place at frick middle school. so far this year the school has been on lockdown twice. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: bigger than expected crowds of gun enthusiasts are flocking to the solano county fairgroundses for the first gun show on the property this year. long lines of customers showed four the first day of the two-day event. vendors are selling weapons and ammunition and other shooting and hunting gear. show organizes say new legislation being pushed by gun control advocateses creating an urgency for customers and driving more people to gun shows. >> we're concerned that some of the government people are going to take away their rights so they're loading up on ammunition and guns. this has happened before. not to this extent. it will probably happen again. >> ama: that organization has more gun shows scheduled for the same venue in april, june and
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jewel. >> we'll tell you what happened to a good samaritan today. thousands turned tout get a chance to rub shoulder with the world champion giants. a look at fan fest when we return. the effect the east coast storm is having on travel right here in the bay area. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. what a terrific saturday. it's going to be cold tonight. we'll look at the expected lows, we'll look at the expected lows, plus talk about some mildght thr problem...
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>> ama: a man who thought he was being a good samaritan end up in the hospital. a man jumped into the bay and swam toward a boat he thought was sinking. instead he was rescued. the boat has been sinking for the past few days and no one has claimed the vessel. witnesses say the man had been drinking and jumped into the water believing he had to rescue someone on the sinking boat. >> the giants annual fan fest
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attracted a capacity crowd at at&t. more than 42,500 people showed up. the world series champions met with fans and signed autographs there was also chance to go behind the scenes like the clubhouse. some fans even came out from southern california. >> narron high in the standings than the dodgers. >> doesn't matter where they are as long as they're ahead of the dodgers. >> i agree. organizers displayed the 2012 and 2010 world series trophies at the trophy pavilion on pier 48. the giants start spring training in arizona on tuesday. >> on the heels of fan fest and with a nod the world series sweep, the giants and san francisco city officials launched giant sweep, an antilitter campaign. teams of volunteers and city workers put their brooms to work. the cleanup effort is part of a citywide program that includes a
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public relations campaign and an educational component in san francisco public schools. >> just ahead, if you haven't noticed, gas prices are starting to skyrocket. and the new details bat deadly tour bus crash in southern california. >> plus, we could be in for more nice weather next week. look at that live shot there meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: the third round of the at&t pro-am at pebble beach is in the books and jim harbaugh is trying to make the final cut. shots on this won't help but he made
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>> ama: perhaps you noticed it costs more to fill up. gas has gone up one cent a gallon since yesterday, nearly ten cents in the past week. the national average is 3.58. in california, the average is 4.03. 16 cents more than a week ago. drives in hawaii pay the most at 4.23. the least? wyoming. 3.04 a gallon. >> a southern california tour bus company has been shut done after an accident that killed
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eight people. the bus overturned last weekend after the driver lost control and hit two cars. the department of transportation ordered the bus company to stop running buss and called the company an imminent hazard to public safety. power is finally coming back on for hundreds of thousands of people on the east coast. at the height of the massive snowstorm, nearly 650,000 homes were without power. massachusetts was the hardest hit with more than 400,000 people affected. on long elean hundreds of cars got stuck during the storm and many mottists were still there this morning. the area had some of the heaviest snow totals in the region. >> you can see how much snow fell in this time laps video. as much as 28-inches -- 38-inchs in one day in connecticut. incredible. ing flights are slow to get back on track. the snow caused delays and
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cancellations nationwide. san francisco international says a total of 23 flights were cancelled today, most arriving flights from the northeast. yesterday there were 62 cancellations. the check though status of your flight, you can use flighttracker on today, nice sunshiny day. >> leigh: going to see plenty of sunshine as the snow has moved on, and there will be clear sky tonight. and we also are going to see some clear sky. hope you had a nice saturday. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. what you probably aren't seeing is any rain. yeah. most of it has moved on out of here. you can see the clouds sitting off the coast. and the wind is pushing everything off the coast and looks like that's going to be the setup for us as we head through the next five to seven days.
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highs today, 61. ukiah, 62. cloverdale, 59. 58 was the high in san francisco. half moon bay, 54. so you can see generally in the 50s across the bay area. so a cool day today. but we'll gradually begin to warm up as we head into the middle and latter part of next week. right now we're at 46 in novato. 50, san francisco, livermore, 51. clear sky in antioch, 52 in san jose. here's a look at the forecast. take you through much of next week as well. we cold overnight, frost possible in the north bay. get ready for sunshine on sunday, and then temperatures will gradually warm each day next week. lows tonight near the freezing mark. get ready for frost in extreme north bay communities. look for 45 for san francisco. 41, oakland, and 35 this evening overnight, through tomorrow morning in santa cruz.
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as the cold front moves towards the east, that allows high pressure to build in and helped to bring us the north to northeast winds. we'll keep it clear for the bay area, dry tonight. the cold air mass is going to settle over us. any heat from today will radiate away. so get ready of the possibility for frost as well. beyond that, high pressure will start to build in. it is going to park itself over the pacific northwest, all of the storms will head to the north so get ready for much dryer conditions for the next five to seven days. mid-week, the high is going to position itself a little further over the bay area, and that means offshore winds and that means temperatures by thursday and friday near 70 degrees around here. yeah, 70. at&t pebble beach tomorrow. cold start, 7:00 a.m. 40 degrees, clear sky. by 1:00, sunshine, temperatures warming into the mid-50s. chilly. and by 3:00, 4:00, temperatures
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drop down into the 50s. here's the highs for sunday. much like today. maybe a degree warmer. 62 oakland. 58, san francisco, 61, voolt -- 61-vallejo, and santa cruz tomorrow, 60. the trend, monday, tuesday, wednesday, each day will be sunny, gradual warming. check out thursday and friday. highs near 70. get out and enjoy it. >> ama: looks nice. shu is here with sports to the beach we go? >> mike: pebble beach. third round the at&t national pro-am. amateurs trying to make the cut. pros trying to stay patient through six hour rounds. phil mickelson, a rough day. check it out. he is 11 shots back with a triple bogey on 18. bill murray, wide left. second straight year murray will not play on sunday but goes out in style. the long birdie on 10.
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nice hat. look all actors, a little love to the camera, might need to sanitize that lens. brandted? kerr trying to break through at pebble. great approach on eight. the great win, wayne gretzky. dustin johnson is dating gretzky's daughter. the great one makes the long birdie, they're going to play on sunday. james hahn, taps that in for a birdie. check out andy garcia,. tee shot on the 17. gets a nice bounce off the hill. it's rolling right to the cup. an ace? come on. can't get any closer. 49er head coach jim harbaugh still come beating despite lose neglect super bowl. the 30-footer for birdie and he is playing on sunday. tied for eighth. four back of amateur leader tony
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romo. leader board, brandt snedeker and james hahn tied at 12-under. hahn, a 66 at spyglass. i give the advantage to snedeker, tuning up for tomorrow also at pebble. the sharks are struggling. phoenix in town for a matinee before san jose hits the room for a six-game trip on monday. byrns return the lineup. this game is all about the goalize, antti niemi, 41 saves. the glove save here. mike smith solid. 33 saves. stopping gomez on the one time, and then third period, nice pass. game went to a shoot you smith continued to shine. 'shepherd. fourth shutout of the year for smith. neimi gives up two goals. back-hander for the win. sharks lose their fourth straight. 1-0. >> just have to bear down. we have some good players that can score goals. we just have to bear down and
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continue to shoot pucks into the net. >> a hell of a game. both teams played hard, played very well defensively. there were many opportunities to get up. i thought we generated enough to have a chance to win. >> spring training right around the corner. pitchers and catchers reporting tuesday. before they left, time to give back to the fans. giants hosted their annual fan fest at at&t. fans got to enter act with the world champs, grabbing a few autographs. sergio romo had a good week. signed a new two-year, in$9 million contract. >> give my son that security. means a lot to me. so definitely don't ever want to put on any other uniform, that's for sure. i owe this organization a lot, and i think it starts with the good effort on the field, and preparing myself to get to that point. so, yeah, definitely ready for what is coming next. >> mike: college hoops. stanford and arizona state.
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john gauge, strong off the bench for the cardinal. 3-4 from beyond the arc. stanford led by eight at the half. powell, led the cardinal, 22. strong to the hoop for the laity. stanford holds off the sun devils, 62-59. warriors in dallas and more from the giants tonight at 11:00, see you then. i've already moved forward with the giants after the 49ers' letdown of the super bowl. >> ama: get ready to be bombarded by cookies of the girl scout variety. but there's a new twist on cook sales. >> don't forget, we're closing in on hollywood's biggest night. the academy awards, sunday, february 24th, and abc7 news is
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>> ama: join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll look at incredible new earthquake protection research. why it's been called a seismic invisibility cloak. then at 11:00 here on abc7. the con door that got away from his handler at a hockey game. those stories and more at 9 and 11:00. they took a fall there at the end. it is that time of year again. thousands of girl scouts are hitting the streets for the annual girl scout cookie sale in
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the bay area. girl scouts are expected to sell more than $3 million this year. today, thousands of cookies were delivered in san francisco for the annual big cookie drop to kick off the sale. this year look for something new hampshire the girl scouts are debuting a new look on the books and there's also a cookie finder app to help you track down your favorites. they make it very easy. >> mike: what's your favorite? >> ama: the tagalongs. care mellow. >> mike: i like they peanut butter. >> tagalongs. short bread. i like them all. >> ama: we'll take any kind. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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